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Disc brushes | TD-System

The flexible solution for sealing, gliding and support

The Mink TD-System consists of ready to fit products for sealing, gliding and support. Dependent on the bristle height the Mink TD-System can be used in various application areas. Long bristles provide excellent sealing on lathes and milling tools against flying burrs and ensure clean and safe work areas. Shorter bristles ensure damage free gliding and support i.e. during the assembly.
Three different body sizes can be combined with bristle heights of 10–100mm. The body profile is made from glass fibre reinforced nylon. The bristles are made from black nylon, which has good resistance to chemicals and is suitable for a wide temperature range from –40 to +80 C°.

▪ Ready to fit with 3 fixing holes provided
▪ Damage free gliding and support
▪ Flexible Sealing
▪ Quick delivery / attractive prices

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