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Disc brushes | Special disc brushes

An infinite variety of forms, sizes and materials

Mink disc brushes are finding use as exceptionally versatile tools in countless industries. Whether you apply them for cleaning, for the deburring of injection mouldings or metal workpieces, for sealing or for polishing, your imagination – and that of our consultants – is the only limit. We can draw on our experience in producing some 15,000 different disc brushes, with body diameters of 8 to 1,100 mm. Whatever your problem, we can solve it. And small quantities are no obstacle.

• Recommended for difficult washing and cleaning jobs
• Excellent for deburring and surface treatment
• Highly effective as sealing elements and as components of gliding and carrying systems

For special shapes and bristle configurations

For sanding or texturing wooden surfaces

With integral liquid supply

For the cosmetics industry