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Showing our full potential

Machines and systems that do special work require specially made products. We’ll provide the best possible support for your projects and designs in all the relevant applications: conveying, gliding, guiding, cleaning, washing, dusting, sealing or removing static. Long or short brushes, hard or soft bristles, special colour or standard, we’ll make it possible. With our many years of experience in a wide range of industries, we can come up with the right ideas and implement them economically.

• Special dimensions, special shapes, special requests of any kind
• Example: Mink panel brushes – for preventing scratches during assembly and for gentle conveyance in metal
   processing machines
• Example: Mink ostrich feather rollers – unsurpassed softness, for reliable dusting
• Example: Mink transfer roller brushes – an alternative to steel and plastic rollers
• Example: Mink round brushes – for accurate processing of curved surfaces