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Round brushes | Zick-Zack-System

Your peerless modular roller brush system

With roller brushes, often only a small section is used. So why spend time and money replacing the whole unit? With the Mink Zick-Zack-System, individual modules can quickly be replaced. Downtimes are short, and no special tools are needed. The tightly interlocking Hirth serration guarantees a uniform, continuous brush surface and excellent concentricity, with no streaking. Glass fibre reinforced polyamide bodies of the highest quality ensure dimensional stability, thermal and chemical resistance, and precise operation. For special series, the body material and colour can be adjusted to your needs, because Mink manufactures brush bodies on its own injection moulding machines.

• Perfection all around
• Careful attention to details
• Quick and easy assembly
• Choice of density

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