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Round brushes | Mini roller conveyor

Gentle conveying in tight spaces

Say goodbye to conventional roller conveyors made of steel, rubber or plastic! With its flexible directional guidance and durable bristles, the Mink mini roller conveyor is the newcomer when it comes to parts conveying. Thanks to individually replaceable rollers and a freely expandable number of segments to convey your products, scratching and other damage are reliably prevented. Quick and easy to install, this conveyor solution will bring sensitive goods safely from A to B.
The Mink mini roller conveyor is available as a standard version in 2 m C-track length with 30 or 60 rollers.

• Damage is prevented
• Dirt adhesion is prevented
• Ideal for sensitive products
• Quiet conveying
• Can be installed even in tight spaces
• Load-bearing capacity: 50 kg per 1 m track length with rollers spaced 33 mm apart

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