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Round brushes | Easy-Move-System

For an optimal ease of handling during conveying in all directions

The Mink Easy-Move-System is an excellent alternative to existing omni-directional rollers. Thanks to the point-like flexible bristle surface, even heavy goods with rough surfaces can be conveyed easily and without damage. Upon request, the new system can be pre-assembled on panels to your specification. Furthermore, the individual segments can be positioned exactly where they are required on the base panel, depending on the position of the contact points. Replacement rollers without supporting panel are supplied in packaging units of 20 pieces each.

• Damage is prevented
• Quiet conveying
• Can be adapted to the load capacity required
• Quick replacement of individual brushes
• Smooth 360° movement in conveying, turning, pushing and sorting applications
• Load capacity: 170 kg/sqm (100 pieces)

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