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Logo: Mink
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Protective/Supporting brushes | TRW-System

Gentle solutions for securing and protecting objects with delicate surface

Highly flexible fibres from Mink Brushes guarantee optimum matching to the material being conveyed: they fix, cushion, support and protect the sensitive surfaces in a way that no other conveying means can provide. The soft fibres hug the conveyed article, ensuring absolutely gentle handling of sensitive goods and at the same time offering a high degree of stability.

Your advantages:
• Inexpensive fitting and easy replacement
• Easy and safe conveying of sensitive articles
• Low coefficient of friction thanks to minute areas of contact
• Flexible fibres prevent scratches, dulled spots and shiny spots on the surfaces
• Noise reduction
• No contacts between the parts
• Simple retrofitting of existing transport racks
• Settling of foreign bodies between the fibres

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