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Mink Bürsten - innovations

We produce more than 6 million brushes annually, in more than 200,000 variations, including both standard and special versions. Thanks to our pioneering work, industrial brushes have become versatile tools throughout the world. As brushes have matured from hand tools to universal machine tools, we’ve continually set the pace of progress.

Some important examples:

- Mink Zick-Zack-System     - Mink Flex-System     - Mink Kett-System
- Mink MBS-System     - Mink HP-System     - Mink web spreader rolls
- Mink AD-System     - Mink TD-System     - Mink RSB-System
- Mink TBS-System     - Mink Care-System     - Mink Prisma-System
- Mink Mini-FBL     - Mink U-System     - Mink Mini-STL
- Mink TRW-System     - Mink aluminium profile assembly systems     - Mink Guard-System
- Mink glass edge profiles     - Mink Bubble-Brush     - Mink Brush grommet

Remember: If a problem can be solved using industrial brushes, then Mink brushes can solve it.