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Antistatic brushes | Antistatic brushes

Reliable protection against electrostatic charge

Static electricity is generated when surfaces rub against one another or are suddenly separated after being in close contact. This phenomenon is frequently observed as an annoying tendency of charged components to “stick together”. In some situations sparks are produced, possibly triggering explosions. Costly interruptions of production can result, but Mink antistatic brushes can provide a reliable means of prevention. That’s because Mink antistatic brushes consist of an aluminium body with carbon fibre or ultra-fine stainless steel wire bristles. Electrostatic charge is safely passed from the tips of the conductive bristles to the metal brush body. Charge is dissipated in a carefully controlled manner, preventing high voltages from building up.

• Greater safety in processes involving films, textiles and paper
• Prevention of interruptions in production
• Protection of people and products

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