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Standard conformity in rail transport

The high standards required by the rail industry do not present any problems for Mink bristle technology. Whether it concerns fire safety conformity in passenger transport according to EN 45545-2 or harsh operating conditions in cargo services, you will find the right solution for your task using Mink brushes. It doesn’t matter whether you require Mink brushes for sealing or cleaning of doors or for sealing control levers in the cab or other moving interior parts. Sealing of jackscrews on vehicle transport wagons, guiding and sealing of sensitive bulk materials, and sealing of closed wagons to prevent snow entry in winter are all proven applications in the cargo sector.

• Individual project consultation with high-quality know-how
• Bristle and body materials in accordance with EN 45545-2
• Product-related certificates issued for DIN EN 45545-2
• Wide variety of standard items and bespoke injection moulding solutions from a single source

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Sealing of jackscrew on vehicle transport wagons

Door sealing in passenger transport

Flexible operating passage

Window sealing