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Application of the month | Mink strip brushes for uninterrupted filming

Safe sealing against dirt and dust

There are hardly any films on TV that do not contain car driving sequences. To achieve realistic scenes, a second car drives parallel to the film car and shoots the sequence from various camera angles. The camera is usually attached to the car using a carbon fibre rig where the camera is mounted to a so-called hub tower, keeping it secure even at high speeds. To ensure flexibility and different viewing angles when shooting, the camera moves up and down or left and right on the hub tower. In the past, the mechanism responsible for the mobility of the camera was often disturbed by the demanding operating conditions due to dirt or other environmental influences. This resulted in unnecessary shooting delays.

By sealing the mechanism with flexible Mink strip brushes, the ingress of dirt, spray or other potential sources of interference is reliably prevented. The system runs smoothly thanks to Mink bristle technology even when filming in rough terrain, thus any expensive and time-consuming interruptions to clean the mechanism during shoots are avoided.

Your advantages:
• No more expensive and time-consuming interruptions during filming
• Flexile and reliable sealing of working apertures in both indoors and outdoors applications
• Simple mounting and removal of brush strips

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