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The Mink Academy

The Mink Academy was founded to provide training for Mink employees.
Since its foundation the Academy has contributed significantly to the long-term growth strategy of the company.

The figures speak for themselves: 10 % of employees have received in-house training, benefitting from the partnership with “Dualen Hochschule Baden-Wüttemberg” as well as from the wide selection of more than 50 internal seminars and workshops held each year.

Our own qualified trainers design and deliver training courses based on a range of relevant topics. There is a broad spectrum of educational and vocational support on offer covering technical matters to leadership skills. Besides improving employee skills, the aim of each course is to generate between 5 and 10 concrete suggestions to improve working practices for immediate implementation.

The Mink Academy concept received the regional award for “Innovation in Training” in 2013 from the Stuttgart Chamber of Commerce and went onto to win the “IHK Bildungspreis 2014” (National Chamber of Commerce award) in 2014.